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Education & Detachment

"I believe that the true value of education lies not in the accumulation of knowledge, but rather in the cultivation of the ability to educate oneself. It is not a finite endpoint, but an ongoing process that requires self-reflection, curiosity, and a willingness to learn. The same goes to detachment; it is not solely about releasing attachments to things and people, but rather about cultivating the ability to recognize our attachments and the hold they have on us. It is not about becoming indifferent or apathetic towards the world around us. Rather, it is about the process of cultivating inner freedom, that requires ongoing practice and self-reflection, much like the process of education. Both education and detachment are important for us to master, for only when we feel enough about ourselves and stop making our lives as the center of the world, or the projects to fix, we can then learn more about the universe and how life actually works. And isn't that the greatest desire a
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What A Difference A Year Could Make

I used to think a year means nothing. I was skeptical of how much could I change or grow in a year. Now, even a month, matters a lot. The pictures show more. Pic 1 was me at my highest bodyweight at Oct 2015 VS me now April 2023. But let's look at a closer gap time. Pic 2 was me last year May 2022 VS me last month March 2023 (10 months gap) Pic 3 was me last month March 2023 VS me now April 2023 (1 month gap) Pic 4 was me last year May 2022 VS me now April 2023 (11 months gap - less than a year) My weight doesn't change much from last month, but my body's proportion and size does change quite a bit. Some clothes that fit perfectly last month, started to loosen up a bit here and there. Now, even a week matters a lot, cause I stabilized my cholesterol, uric acid, and glucose level in less than a week. What I eat and what I do daily, matter a lot. I am not posting this here to brag, or to boast, or to be congratulated, and not even to encourage or inspire (but yes that would b

4 Ways Minimalism Improves My Businesses

1. Focus On My Core Competencies  Minimalism forces me to focus on my core competencies. By doing so, I focus on my best expertise, eliminate distractions, both on the design and resources management, which equal to higher quality product output and lower production cost.  2. Focus On Quality Minimalism is about focusing on what's important and removing the excess. What's important in my business is; quality. And by focusing on delivering quality, both on products and services, I can streamline my business model, reduce my cost, while also deliver better values to my clients.  3. Focus On Sustainability Minimalist business model operates on the most effective, efficient, and sustainable business process and resource management, including to reduce waste and its' environmental impact. It forces me to make a better, greener, and more sustainable decisions, for the long term.  4. Focus On Simplicity In a world that makes me to constantly feel the need to explore and add everyt

25kg Lost

Finally. I've been working hard and waiting to see this number pop ups for few weeks. Just like how swimming 20 first laps are piece of cake, and finishing the 60-70 laps feels like forever, I feel the same here. The leaner I am, the harder works and efforts that I have to put for results to be achieved, especially on weight. It is not even enough to just work hard these days. I really have to do things smarter; paying attention on my sleep, macros, tricking my metabolism, IF, carbo-protein fasting, etc Size went down pretty stable (that's probably why most health coach told us to rely on size more than weight), but still weight is one of the numbers that I wanna change. Size, visceral fat, muscle mass, and weight numbers to be exact. My visceral fat has been going down 4 points, yet I still have to go lower 2 points more to be at normal level. I am nowhere near my goal, still have a long way to go, and I know it will only get harder. But, I'll be there. 🖤 If you are on th

Intermittent Fasting and Uric Acid Level

These three weeks I learnt quite a lot about the importance of knowing my own sweet spot on managing weight, food, fasting, exercise, and health. I've been testing uric acid (UA), cholesterol(CL), and glucose (GL) bi-weekly to monthly before, to maintain their numbers. But these three weeks, I tested UA and CL everyday, while GL weekly. It was started when I tried to raise my Intermitten Fasting (IF) ratio time from 16:8 to 22:2, and my Uric Acid went up. 18hrs IF - 5.2 20-21hrs IF - 6 22-23hrs IF - 6.9! I was panicked when I reached 6.9, but I managed to lower it down by finding my sweet spot IF ratio as 16:8, and now UA at lowest 3.5/5.5. I also learnt that my body turns out to be sensitive towards beef meat. No matter how little of it that I ate, it raised my UA up to 0.8-1 point. So, I shall make sure my UA at low point, and go straight for 150gr grass fed beef steak rather than just go for bulgogi kimbab, and I know to limit my beef intake in bi-weekly basis. I'm not too s

10 Things We Don't Buy Anymore As Minimalists

10 things we don't buy anymore as minimalists, and few things that we still buy to replace the old ones. 1. Physical Book  Not only physical book takes spaces, most of the physical books that available here are also outdated and strongly curated. We can only grow when we learn to understand different perspectives and see things from different angles, even from the one that we might disagree with. To read the same books that everyone reads and only cater to certain perspectives, certainly won't help us to grow. We also have to get the latest knowledge and facts to get better results in everything. I find e-books fill those needs ad gaps better for me, while my husband choose audio books, lately. 2. Perfume If you should, you won't need more than one bottle that will last for 1-2 years.  3. Physical Music I use Spotify.  4. Coffee Machine & Refill 1 French Press and 1 manual dripper do the works well until now. 5. Souvenirs We don't buy for ourselves, and not for othe

I Want To Live Life

"I am not who I am, with only my lights and without my darkness. I need my yang to balance my yin. And I'm like Cal; I want to live, at least until now. And not just live, I want to be alive. And that requires me to unleash my darkness. That's the only way for me to be my true self. To be alive means to feel and experience the life from a lot of (if not all) spectrums, to notice the multifaceted of it. I know I can only achieve that when I give the same amount of space and respect, towards every aspect of my life and to each side of mine. And only when I accept my whole self, I can be in my true nature, and be my very best self. It might sounds complicated, but it's actually simple; Fire wants to burn Water wants to flow Air wants to rise Earth wants to bind Chaos wants to devour And I want to live life." --------- - Aim for a better tomorrow through healthy lifestyle, diverse insights, creative arts, and minimalist living. - Thank you for suppor