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My Intention

To Empower and Be Empowered

Yes, it is still the same goal, but instead of just empowering and be empowered through Creative Arts, I included Healthy Lifestyle, Diverse Insights, and Minimalist Living, on the list. As a contemporary artist, I believe that healthy living, diverse insights, creative arts, and minimalist living are essential to a fulfilling life, and their relationships with art are multifaceted.

Healthy Lifestyle

Health is my first priority now. I was hospitalized for a month during August - September 2022, because some viruses attacked my brain stem, and my infusion had to be replaced to the neck (CVC) because the meds should be inserted through the central vein. Since then, I put my health as my first priority above everything else. I've lost 24.5kg by end of March 2023, stabilized my uric acid, cholesterol, and glucose level to normal range, have a good exercise and eating routine. After all, healthy lifestyle is crucial in providing the necessary physical and mental energy for creative expression. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, one can achieve a state of balance and focus, allowing for a more profound connection with one's artistic self. In turn, art can promote healthy living by inspiring individuals to engage in mindful practices as well. Art is well known as the best media to heal one self and to channel one's emotional state.

Diverse Insights

Diverse insights are equally important in art, as they offer a wider range of perspectives and ideas, creating a more nuanced and multifaceted artistic experience. The incorporation of diverse cultures, traditions, and worldviews into art can provide a space for meaningful cross-cultural dialogue, fostering empathy, and promoting social change. Through diverse insights, art can become a powerful tool for social activism and cultural representation.

Creative Arts

Creative arts has always become the one of the cores of my life. Just like healthy lifestyle and diverse insights, to me, creative arts are also integral to a fulfilling life, as they offer a platform for self-expression and exploration. Whether through 3D painting, sculpting, jewelry making, digital imaging, fashion styling, or any other medium, art can enable individuals to communicate their innermost thoughts and emotions, making the intangible tangible. Additionally, the creative process of creating the art and presenting the artworks/ wearing it, can serve as a therapeutic outlet, allowing individuals to process and cope with life's challenges, to preserve life memories, and to express emotions or self actualization.

Minimalist Living

Minimalist living is a lifestyle that I've been applying into my life since more than 5 years ago. to me, a minimalist lifestyle is vital to promoting a sense of simplicity and clarity in one's artistic practice. By adopting a minimalist mindset, I can focus on the essential elements of my work, avoiding the clutter and distraction that can hinder my creative expression. Additionally, minimalist living does promote environmental sustainability, reducing the overall ecological impact of art production and consumption. That's why at VILICI Jewelry, we offer free repair service* to most of our products, because we believe in the value of sustainability.

In conclusion, as a contemporary artist, I believe that healthy living, diverse insights, creative arts, and minimalist living are integral components of a fulfilling life, with significant implications for art. Through their interrelatedness, these elements can inspire us to engage in more meaningful and purposeful artistic practices, promoting personal growth, social change, and environmental sustainability in the long term.

And that's exactly how I want my art and my life to empower and be empowered.

Last Updated: April 3, 2023


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