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Hello. You are on my Now page and these are the things that I'm currently focusing on:

- Healthy, balanced, and mindful living is my first priority now. - I was hospitalized for a month from August - September 2022. Some viruses attacked a part of my brain and brain stem which causes imbalances on my motoric gravity, plus I had a gout attack for the first time in my life. My infusion had to be sewn on my neck cause the meds need to be inserted through the central vein for three weeks straight. I promised myself to never be that sick ever again, and determined to change my whole lifestyle, including to prioritize myself, my health, and my peace first.

Since then, I have lost 22kgs, have been maintaining my uric acid level below 5.5, manage my cholesterol level down to 146, maintain my normal fast glucose level at 85, and been eating, exercising, and living healthier, plus doing so many changes in life including the way I sleep and raising my water intake level.

- Creating intentions jewelry for Vilici – Not only this is my strongest passion in life, it is also a way for me to empower our (women) lives, as a part of my life intentions.

- Creating NFTs - Not only it is cool digital form of art, it also added the investment value of the products that you have. When the physical products might have worn out over time, the NFT will still be there and even gain some profit according to the rarity. I believe NFT is a good form of digital investment in the future, and I am learning to create the great ones.

- Being a wife, a daughter, and a sister – spending more time to connect with our family and help them to settle down.

- Managing PT.Inalix Digital Publishing as Social Creative Strategist

These are my priorities now and where I spent most my energy and time on. I am no longer participate or collaborate on any fashion show or fashion event until further notice. Fashion magazine shoot or photoshoot are still acceptable with strict health protocols and only when the prototype items are available.

NOTE: I’m not able to personally respond to emails, and I don’t take any advertising, endorsement, or requests to promote anything. For collaboration on artworks / art event/ fashion show & photoshoot :

Last Update: March 23, 2023


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